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Our goal is to restore quality to your life using therapies that have been shown to be effective in many individuals with chronic illness. We understand the suffering that results from under-treated disease. There is hope for diminishing pain and mental anguish in your life or that of your loved one. For many years as physicians, we have witnessed individuals who were stricken with specific ailments and dwindled because of failed therapies. We would like to try and make an impact in your health and life. Allow us to evaluate your illness for potential Ketamine therapy.

Our Story

As Emergency Physicians, we have utilized Ketamine on numerous patients with excellent results. The safety of the drug, along with it’s ability to moderate depression, pain, PTSD, anxiety, and many other illnesses has been apparent when other therapies have failed to make an impact. As the medical evidence has been overwhelming for the effectiveness and safety of Ketamine, we felt we needed to offer the opportunity for successful treatment of patients in a comfortable, outpatient setting as well. We noticed how underutilized this therapy has been and feel that many patients can benefit by it’s use.

Meet the Team

Compassionate medical care by physicians who understand the meaning of health.

Christopher Sendi, M.D.

Founder & CEO

I am board certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine (AAPS), and Obesity Medicine. With over 21 years of emergency medical experience, I would like to have the opportunity to evaluate and compassionately treat patients with very challenging illnesses. My goal is to restore quality, healthful years for patients who otherwise have not had optimal results.


What’s next?

Learn more about Ketamine and it’s potential treatment it may provide for your illness. We offer free consultations to answer questions about whether this intervention is right for you. Please check out the Information tab of this website for patient forms, research data for ailments that may be helped by this treatment, and other details to help us determine if this intervention¬†fits you. Call at 703-844-0184 for a consultation with the physician.




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